Currently, the business trend of professional investors will be very demanding in terms of functionality, cost, quality and aesthetics of a factory which intend to invest. Beauty factory design is one of the prerequisite factors affecting the results of production and business activities of enterprises. Every business owner wants to build a beautiful factory themselves with the functions, quality and build with the most of the cost. Therefore, the beauty factory design are also increasingly diverse, response for all requirement of Custumers.

Below, Delta-Asia will send you some beautiful and cheap factory samples that Delta-Asia has designed and supervised for your reference and from that to make a good choice yourself.

Customers, please refer to 5 beauty factory design samples below:

1) Paperworld Factory JSC

2) Unicore VN Woodworking Factory

3) Vietnam 3Kings Factory

4) Logo Quan Chi Factory

5) Mahang Dung Quat Textiles & Fabric Factory

In this article, we do not refer to technical issues, factory design standards anymore because techniques and standards are mandatory conditions to design a factory.

Beauty factory design must ensure the following basic elements:

  • The fence must be simply combined with a beautiful guard house
  • The office building must be modern, aluminum xinfa tempered glass, flat roof or concealed corrugated iron roof.
  • The color scheme of the factory blocks must be in harmony and catch the modern color trend.
  • Decorating garden space for the office, canteen, small trees around the workshop, plant flowers in four seasons.
  • Along fence should plant grass, flowers to make friendly space
  • Office lobby must be airy and, widely with modern interior for customers feel comfortable, belief when visit factory.

What are Customers waiting for?

Please come to Delta-Asia with many experiences in factory design consultancy, will bring to you a beautiful factory, quality, functionally, modern and acceptable construction cost. HOTLINE 0909724738 (Mr. Jimii).

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