In your opinion, how to define a reputable construction supervision company? How to verify the real capacity of that company? There are many issues that need to be clarified and evaluated before hiring a construction supervision company.

To answer your questions, Delta-Asia Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company has accumulated a lot of practical experience from the projects that we have done since 2011 up to now. Thereby, Delta-Asia has affirmed its brand and gained trust from major Clients in Vietnam as well as abroad such as:

Supervisor check level and item coordinates

Supervisor inspecs footing rebar

Supervisor inspecs beam formwork


Supervisor checks steel frame manufacture workshop

Supervisor inspecs slab rebar

Supervisor witness sample taking

Supervisor inspecs steel frame works

In order to gain the trust of the Client, we must achieve the following factors:

1) Organizational practice capacity:

Delta-Asia Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company has level 1 certificate in civil and industrial supervision.

2) Project supervision and management process:

Delta-Asia performs supervision consultancy according to 06/2021/ND-CP show detailing a number of contents on quality management, construction and maintenance of construction works. Delta-Asia monitors the quality of the works according to a strict procedure, acceptance form, inspection checklist, supervision with photos.

All documents for acceptance are in bilingual: Vietnamese-English, Vietnamese-Chinese, thereby affirming the brand name with foreign companies. Especially, Delta-Asia manages progress, daily reports by Delta-Asia Management App.

3) Working spirit:

We always put the sense of responsibility, honesty, prestige and professional ethics as the foundation for company development. Company slogan “Must be the best effective consultant for Clients”.

4) Look at the responsibilities and workload the supervisor does:

  • Notice duties and powers of project participants.
  • Check the conditions for starting construction works according to regulation in Article 107 of the Construction law;
  • Check the suitability of the construction contractor’s capacity with the bid documents and construction contracts.
  • Check the contractor’s construction method with the approved construction method design;
  • Inspect and approve materials, components, construction products, installation equipment in the site (often called Acceptance of input materials);
  • Check the laboratory, steel frame manufacture workshop, witness the sample taking.
  • Check and monitor construction progress, check contractor’s manpower to the construction site
  • Supervision of site hygiene; supervision to ensure labor safety;
  • Perform acceptance of construction works and installation of equipment according to regulations;
  • Check and confirm the completed construction quantity;
  • Consulting for Contractors to prepare construction completion documents;
  • Manage and store quality records, site diary, etc. to serve as-built works
  • Report daily and monthly works to the Clients

5) Supervision fee:

Delta-Asia performs with acceptable fee. Please contact to Mr Jimii 0909724738 (Director) to have the fastest quotation.

For more details, please refer to below:

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